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Shipping Methods

Shipping Cost

Country            Region             Shipping Cost 
 Indonesia  Jabotabek  Free
 Indonesia  Jawa  Rp20.000
 Indonesia  Bali  Rp20.000
 Indonesia  Sumatra  Rp30.000
 Indonesia  Kalimantan  Rp35.000
 Indonesia  Sulawesi  Rp40.000
 Indonesia  NTT  Rp40.000
 Indonesia  NTB  Rp40.000
 Indonesia  Maluku  Rp50.000
 Indonesia  Irian Jaya  Rp80.000

Delivery Time

 For order in Monday – Friday; Payment received before 12.00 pm. Goods shipped same day. If payment is received later than 12.00 pm local time, the goods will be shipped on the next day

For order in Saturdays (except Sundays and other major holidays). If you make a  payment after 12:00 pm WIB, the goods will be sent the next business day, because JNE only works Monday-Friday until 17:00 pm, while Saturday closed at 12:00 pm.  Standard deliveries take 2 - 6 working days.

 Our Standard shipping is JNE Regular Courier service.